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14th November 2017

INTERBODEN is developing Düsseldorf's first office building in hybrid timber construction

Düsseldorf/Ratingen, 14th November 2017: Starting in 2019, INTERBODEN will construct an office building in hybrid timber construction at Düsseldorf's MedienHafen, the first of its kind in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. In late October, the city council approved the design by Düsseldorf-based architecture office HPP Architects. A building with approximately 6,600 square meters of office space and 600 square meters of space for gastronomic use on the ground floor will be constructed on Speditionstraße 2.

The special feature: the property will be developed in accordance with the "Cradle-to-Cradle©" principle, which allows individual building components to be recycled after use. This resource-saving construction method optimizes production processes, minimizes the amount of non-recyclable materials generated, and reduces CO2 emissions. According to this method, the recyclability of building materials is given top priority. For example, the facade can be disassembled into its individual components after use, and some parts can even be reused. The interior of the property will also focus on the reusability of materials. Among other things, carpeting made from recycled materials is planned. "We are convinced that this principle will prevail in our industry because it is more sustainable than the ENEV, which promotes the production of stronger, non-reusable, and difficult-to-dispose-of insulation materials," says Carsten Boell from INTERBODEN.

Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Managing Partner of HPP Architects, adds: "The prominent location in Düsseldorf's MedienHafen requires a special and innovative architectural response for the new construction on Speditionstraße 2. The diamond-shaped wooden structure, which is characteristic of the building's facade, also serves as a supporting and shading element and has varying depths depending on the direction of the sun."

The future-orientated aspect of the project is not only its environmentally-friendly construction method, for which HPP Architects has found a spectacular form. INTERBODEN is also taking a pioneering role in the mobility concept and plans to establish a service center for mobility, a so-called "Mobility Hub," on the ground floor. Here, building users and local residents will have access to a mobility offer primarily oriented towards e-mobility. Car and bike sharing offers can be booked via an app, and electrically-powered vehicles can be charged. INTERBODEN plans to begin construction of the new MedienHafen highlight in 2019, with completion expected by 2022.